About Us

Frank Fallon Associates is one most experienced and successful utility review companies in Massachusetts. Our consultants are utility experts with an in depth understanding of all components of the utility billing process. We help our clients reduce their utility costs by identifyingbilling errors and overcharges on their gas and electric bills. Once errors have been identified, we work with our clients to correct them and obtain any possible refunds and ensure future savings. We are paid for "performance". If we do not find any savings or refund opportunities, we receive NO compensation. This "shared savings" approach allows the customer to produce bottom-line savings without any out of pocket expense. It is truly a win win effort.

The Process

The complexity of commercial utility bills makes it difficult to evaluate them for overcharges. Our consultants are "Utility Bill Experts" with extensive experience in identifying billing problems that would otherwise go unnoticed by both the customer and the utility company.

Our Approach is Simple:

We only require a 10 to 15 minute appointment and a copy of the most recent month's bills to perform a detailed utility audit.
We determine if the customer is being overcharged and, if so, what the potential refunds and monthly savings would be.
We implement only those recommendations that are approved by our client.

Frank Energy Advisors Does NOT:

Charge any fees beyond our shared savings

Frank Fallon Associates
"Specializing in utility refunds and bill reductions"
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